Back from Newquay

Its good to be back, but at the same time I want to be back in Cornwall. We didnt manage to get a lot done this year, mainly because as soon as we arrived on Thursday evening my clutch cable broke. The RAC towed me to a garage who couldnt […]

Newquay for a week

Today me and Loo are off to Newquay for a week in the sun….well, we hope the sun graces us with its presence! We are camping in Porth Beach again, as its really really nice. I will take lots of photos this year with my digital camera. See you all […]

Glade Photos

I have a temporary home for my Glade Festival photos. They are here:

The Dusty Diablo

This is my Zero88 Diablo on Saturday night at The Glade Festival in the Sancho Panza stage. It was dusted down several times during the weekend, but always got covered again within no time. I really like this desk, its compact and powerful and has some excellent features. I had […]

What a weekend!

It all started on Thursday, when I was supposed to be celebrating Loos birthday. Mid afternoon the DMC server stopped serving webpages, and after a reboot stopped working all together. This concerned me as when a server blue screens you know its pretty bad. Friday I spent most of the […]

The Glade Festival

Well that was fun wasn’t it? I had a fantastic time with Fushion and the crew, and cant wait to do it again. I got home sometime Sunday night, or was that Monday morning? I dunno, I was too tired to care. The festival was a huge success for me […]

The Glade Is Nearly Upon Us

Its getting closer and closer until the Glade Festival starts. We had our final production meeting last night, and its looking like its going to be fantastic! I am doing the Sancho Panza tent again this year, so if you fancy some groovy house music come and check it out […]

R K Partnership

Word of mouth is by far the best form of publicity for me, which is how I got the job of making a website for the R K Partnership. Rob Angell is the brother of Fushion Sound Systems Julz, I did the website for Fushion not that long ago. The […]

New Toy – The Diablo

I have recently had the pleasure of buying a new lighting controller. It is the Zero 88 Diablo, a very powerful little controller, that can control 18 generic fixtures as well as 18 moving lights. The best thing is the way it works, as it can run 12 chases at […]


If there was one party this year that you should be at its this one. Its at Studio 33 in Vauxhall, London, and has 2 main rooms and a chillout room. My old mate Barclay (Dark Angel) is organising this big party, and the interest is huge! I am going […]

Louise Passed Her Driving Test

Yesterday my fiance passed her driving test with flying colours. Both me and her parents are very proud of her. She has worked very hard with BSM to get thru her test, now all she needs to do is get her car (kindly donated by Alan) thru its MOT.

When it rains it pours

For the first time in a long time I am busy at work and at home. I have several websites that I am working on for various people, and then comes along another! I dont mind being busy, as it also means I will be getting paid, its just odd […]