No Till The Cows Come Home Festival 2009

Sadly there will not be a Till The Cows Come Home Festival 2009. I got the official word today after speaking with the organisers. I am hoping that they are just taking a year out, and they will return with new vigour next year. If I hear anything it will […]

I love Derbyshire

We spent a wonderful week in a cottage in the village of Cromford, just outside Matlock Bath. The cottage was on a farm in very peaceful surroundings. We explored the area and did several walks and a 10 mile bike ride. I rediscovered Derby as I went there to University, […]

What happened?

First Till The Cows Come Home 2008 got postponed at the last minute due to the council thinking there were going to be too many punters, who would have thought that they believed what Facebook showed??? Madness! It was a blessing in disguise, well kinda, the weather was rubbish anyway, […]

July Festivals

As always its been a while since I last posted, thats due to me not actually doing much lighting this year, well, nothing worth blogging about. This July I have 2 festivals, one weekend after another, its my busiest month of the year… especially with my wifes birthday near the […]

Till The Cows Come Home 2008

I have been asked by the lovely chaps at Broken Disco to provide a light show for there lovely little festival again, and obviously I agreed, as its superb! Mooo! Its on the 11th and 12th July nears a village called Stagsden, which is near Bedford. Here is there website […]

Till The Cows Come Home 2007 Kit List

Right then! Sorry for the delay, its been busy around here! 4 x Martin Robocolour Pro 218 Scans 6 x Martin Punisher X250 8 x 500w Par Cans 1 x Martin Robocolour (cant remember the number) used as a spot light 2 x LED Par 56 1 x Antari X510 […]

The Shadow Project

Saturday afternoon at Till The Cows Come Home festival, I was sat at the back of the tent, waiting to see what the bands had to offer, when I start hearing this sound that reminded me of James (My ultimate fav band ever). The guitar was slowly taking over my […]

Long weekend, but a good weekend

Its been a while (again) but I have a good reason…Till The Cows Come Home 2007 … it took place this weekend gone, and was pretty special (again). DiscoPete and myself was asked By Ben, Gandy and D-Arcy to provide a full lightshow for this 2 day festival. Its special […]


Till The Cows Come Home was excellent, a really good time was had by all. DiscoPete and I arrived at about 10.30pm on Friday, and continued to setup until about 3am. It was a slow setup, but we got there in the end. We had a few final bits to […]

Till The Cows Come Home

I am just about ready for this small festival, just need to load the car in the morning and go to work. After work the fun begins. It should be a lovely weekend, if your there come and say hello.

Till The Cows Come Home

I have been asked to do the lighting for a small festy called “Till The Cows Come Home”. Its an event where bands are playing throughout the day and DJs play in the evening. There will be a small rig outside the main arena which will go on till the […]