Server Migration

The web server I use has now been migrated to a data centre in the UK and the DNS has finally updated. I had some issues over the weekend where the site wasn’t available, but its all good now.

Gigs seem to be like buses for me

You don’t see one for ages, then 2 come along right next to each other! It is always like that for me, its just the way things are. And what’s more funny about this instance is that I was also asked to do lighting for another party and was already […]

Magic’s 10th Birthday

On the 23rd July 1999 I had a party at the Roundabout Pub, High Wycombe for my 24th Birthday. I was celebrating with a group of friends who are very dear to me. This party turned into many parties, where I met more people and DJs and sound systems, and […]

Finally Uploaded Glade Festival Photos

I have had photos from that I took at the festival in various different places online, but never in the same place, so I decided to sort them out, and give them a home. I have used Google’s Picasa to host them, its integrated into my photo section:

Upcoming Server Downtime

My webserver is being replaced on Wednesday 11th March from 11pm, so there will be a day or 2 downtime whilst DNS is updated and kinks are ironed out.

RIP The Attic/Melt/Unit 3

After several years of being closed, the club I spent a lot of my youth in, is finally being demolished. I have many happy memories of the dark, dingy, poorly run club. I first attended The Attic when I was  a student at Bucks College, around 1991/1992. It wasn’t my […]

Beware of FTP Hijacking

After being a victim of this in the past I find this article relevant with some handy tips.

Evie gets braver

Evie has started to pay more visits to the sofa in the evenings, taking it upon herself to jump up and sit with us for a while. She is still very nervous, and will jump down at the slightest movement, but she is making great progress, and we hope to […]

Finally, after many years of waiting, I can have my orginal domain name again. It seems who orignally gave it to me for free when I used their dialup services has gone bust, and the domain’s have finally been released. I am pretty sure last time I looked it […]

Change of web hosting provider

I have had to change hosts due to security concerns with my previous one, its taken a while to get every thing moved over and the new DNS setup and working correctly, but its all sorted now. I am hosting with who seem to be very professional and very […]

A.C. Special Projects Ltd

My job at AC Entertainment Technologies (previously AC Lighting) is normally developing ASP and SQL systems for in house processes. Recently though I was asked to create a small website for AC Special Projects, formerly a department of AC Lighting. The aim of the site is promote the services and […]

Facelift Part 1

Phew, that wasn’t easy! I have moved from Blogger to WordPress, as I wanted more control over my site. I am still learning how it all works, and hopefully all the old links still work. If you have any problems with the new site please let me know. There will […]