Back from Newquay

Its good to be back, but at the same time I want to be back in Cornwall. We didnt manage to get a lot done this year, mainly because as soon as we arrived on Thursday evening my clutch cable broke. The RAC towed me to a garage who couldnt fix it until Monday, so we went 4 days without transport. This turned out to be great, as we didnt do much and kept nice and stress free.

Apart from Saturday when it pissed down the weather was perfect. It was nice and hot during the days, with a nice sea breeze, but at night it was freezing! The temperature woke me several times during the night, along with the seagulls at it at all hours!

We made it back to Tintagel and Boscastle. Tintagel is lovely, and so is Boscastle, its nice to see how much restoration work has gone into getting Boscastle back on track after the floods a year ago. We somehow managed by complete chance to go on the exact day a year on, so all the TV crews were there interviewing people and filming. I hope I got on national TV at least once by walking behind the people being interviewed…maybe some of you saw me and Loo???

I have uploaded some photos here:, let me know what you think.

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