The Dusty Diablo

This is my Zero88 Diablo on Saturday night at The Glade Festival in the Sancho Panza stage. It was dusted down several times during the weekend, but always got covered again within no time.

I really like this desk, its compact and powerful and has some excellent features. I had fun programming it, and learnt that its best to do this when your not knackered. I made a few mistakes that resulted in me starting from scratch. So don’t program when you should be asleep.

I am about to create a photo album with all the photos I took during the festival. There are some really good ones, and some pretty obscure ones, but mostly they are of the light shows. In my experience most people taking photos at festivals dont really try to get the lights, but since thats what we do best, we try to take pictures to show people what we can do.

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