I always try to take some photos of my lighting when I do a party. I only have a couple uploaded at the moment, but I am going to make an effort to upload more.

Here are some links to current photo galleries.

The Temple Ball March 2012

I went down to Glastonbury with Julz (Fushion Sound System) and had a great time with The Temple Ball Crew. These photos were taken on the night. I didn’t have the smoke machine on so you can’t see the beams, there was so much UV you might not have seen […]

Glade Festival 2008

The Jands Vista S3 lighting console (kindly loaned from AC Lighting) being operated by DiscoPete. The slightly limited view from inside the lighting tower in the Sancho Panza tent where I was doing the lighting. The view from the top of the lighting tower in the Sancho Panza tent. The […]

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