6th Anniversary

Today is me and Loos 6th Anniversary, but more importantly, its our last one for over a year. This is due to us getting married in August, and not being able to celebrate our Annivesary for another year. We decided to make this one a little bit more special, and […]

Magic is Back!

Magic is Back! Celebrating Sy and Chris’s birthdays! Saturday 25th Feb at the Hogshead in High Wycombe (upstairs); 8.30pm – midnight; free entrance. For all those who enjoyed the music and dancing before, get ready to break your glowsticks for the return! Line-up includes Dark Angel (psy-trance), Neumatic (techno), Sideshow […]

Welcome to 2006!

Once again I am sorry for the lack of updates, I was enjoying the time off at Christmas, and now have started back at work and am very busy. This year promises to be a good one. I am buying a house, I am getting married and I am becoming […]

We are buying our first home

Thats right, today we got the go ahead from the Maidenhead District Housing Association to buy a 50% share of a ground floor flat that is next to Desborough Park, or otherwise known as the Reck. Shared Ownership is great, it makes it possible to buy a house that I […]

Monkey Spawn

Chris and Sally, my friends and new neighbours, on Friday 25th November, welcombed there new born son Finlay James West into their lifes. Congratulations to both Chris and Sally, he is a gorgeous 8lb son, with lots of hair, and is really quiet…which is kinda good since they live next […]


Well, my eBay auction didnt go too well. There was interest, but no one put a bid on, which was rather upsetting, cos they would have got a bargain! I will put them back on auction again soon, but I want to plan it better this time, as I think […]

My eBay Auction

I have decided to sell my old scans, as I havent used them in 3 years, and they are in need of attention. 2 are fine, one needs the gobo wheel reset, and the other over heats, but I do have 3 spare main boards which can be used to […]

Google Mail in the UK

It seems Google is having problems over the name gmail in the UK. There is a legal dispute happening, and at the moment, no more @gmail.com accounts will be issued to UK residents, they will instead be issued with @googlemail.com accounts. They dont know if this will affect existing users, […]

My Dads Gliding Experience

My Dad turned 60 this year, and me and my brothers decided to chip in and get my dad a Red Letter Day experience. We chose a microlight flight, but due to Red Letter Days going down the pan and then being saved again, not all experiences were honored. Luckily […]

Eurolite TS-150

I have just purchased some new lights. I have 3 of the 4 ordered, the last one is coming from a different company in Germany, but should be here soon. The Eurolite TS-150 is a DMX Scanner that looks much like the Martin MX-4, but at a fraction of the […]

We are getting married

Its official, Beaconsfield Chambers has been booked for the 12th August and we have paid for our licence. Bassettsbury Manor has been booked, just need to pay the deposit now 🙂 Both me and Loo are very excited. We cant wait to start getting everything organised. There is so much […]

Google Talk

Do you use Gmail? If you do, you can download Google Talk, the new IM from Google. You can also do audio chat on it, and it replaces Gmail Notifier. See http://www.google.com/talk/ for more details. My Gmail address is [email protected] if you want to have a chat.