Do you need lights for your party?

If so, then I am your man. I havent played with my lights since the Glade Festival and I really want to get out again with my lights. I have a fair range of kit that I own, plus I have access to more. I can team up with DiscoPete […]

Interviewing with Cutmaster Swift

This is me interviewing people and DJs outside of the Carling Apollo in Hammersmith, London last weekend at the DMC/Technics World DJ Championships. I was operating a Sony 170 DV cam and Cutmaster Swift was interviewing. In this picture you can see Sonar in the red bandana, Cable in the […]

DMC/Technics World DJ Championships

This year DMC are streaming the World Finals. Its on a pay per view basis to cover costs. I didnt realise streaming was so expensive. Next year we aim to get sponsorship and provider sorted at least 6 months in advance, as this was a little bit late, but there […]

Big Bens Car Boot Sale

Today me and Loo are going to Bledlow Ridge to sell loads of old stuff that we dont want. Come along and join us if you want, its from 12 to 4pm. Lets hope the weather stays nice! UPDATE: If your looking for information about Big Bens Car Boot sale […]


Antiblog is the blog that belongs to Sideshow. He seems to be able to write much much more than I do, so take a look, he has written about some interesting stuff.

This is the home page for a good friend of mine. I guess I really properly met him whilst on holiday in Ibiza in 2000. We got talking and he ended up funding my first set of DMX lights. I have been forever in debt to him as it started […]

Dooza gets hitched

On July 21st I asked Louise to marry me. She said yes, which was what I wanted to hear. I even asked her Dad before getting down on my knee in the middle of Kongs in Bourne End…one of my favourite chinese restaraunts in the area. The wedding itself wont […]

Doesn’t time fly?

Now for some reason I did not get into this blogging thing like I thought I would do, but I may be about to make a come back. It all depends on how easy this is to customise. I will try to do a daily blog this week, and see […]

The Start of my Blog

Well here it is, the first Blog I have ever written. This is an test really, to see what all this Blog fuss is all about. What is a Blog? Well its a weblog, a collection of articles or posts, that are all online for the world to see. Since […]