Busy? Am I busy????

So lets see, whats coming up for me? JulyWeekend 1 – Julz and Carols birthday celebrationsWeekend 2 – Till The Cows Come HomeWeekend 3 – The GladeWeekend 4 – Me and Loo’s birthday celebrationsAugustWeekend 1 – Music and Dance in the Park with Jools Holland and my familyWeekend 2 – […]

Great British Spring

This is an original Great British Spring reverb unit from the 80’s, its a classic, and is in perfect working condition. It is (was) for sale, if anyone wants to make me an offer get in touch. You can see the 1/4″ stereo jack input and output, along with the […]

Stage Lighting

Last year I got myself a new job at AC Lighting. Since I joined I have discovered the variety of stage lighting that is available for delivery from the huge warehouse in High Wycombe and Leeds. I created the new online shop for AC Lighting that sells over 9,000 items, […]

A Successfull Magic

Happy New Year everyone, and thank you to everyone who made it down on the 21st for our Christmas Special. There lots of old faces and new, and everyone was having an excellent time. Our DJs for the night performed wonderfully as always, Rob and Barclay did us proud. Seb […]

November Awakening

The next Awakening is going to on Friday 30th November at Plug N Play Studios in Reading. This is the last Awakening of the year, so make sure you come along. Its from 9pm to 6am in a great little venue complete with chill out room. Main RoomMorganism..LIVE (PharPsyde records) […]

Magic at Christmas

You may have heard by now that I am putting on Magic again at the Roundabout on the 21st December, if you hadn’t, you do now. Its really just an excuse to party with some friends with some fine music. As its the Roundabout Pub on Bridge Street, High Wycombe, […]

Optimus Prime

Say hello to Optimus Prime, Loo bought him for me for my birthday. Still haven’t seen the new Transformers movie, but plan to soon, probably with my brother Dave.

Catch up

UPDATE: For all you Google users searching for “Catchup TV” you have come to totally the wrong place. I get daily hits from you lot, and I would love to know what your looking for. Under this post is a comment link, click it and leave me a message, I […]

The Book of Dave

Whilst on my honeymoon last year I started to read this amazing book by Will Self called The Book of Dave. It was hard to read at first due to the way the accents were written, but this year whilst in Newquay camping I managed to finish it. Its a […]

The Glade Festival 2007

Its almost upon us again, less than a week away. Everything is sorted, just lots of cables to be made up and a couple of lights to be repaired. The weather reports are not too favourable, but we will cope. As a recap we are doing the lights on: The […]

First Week at AC Lighting

Its very different here at ACL, but I can feel its for the best. Its very big, lots of new faces to remember, and lots of stairs and corridors and rooms to explore. The warehouse is massive, and even has its own cable manufacturing facilities. Its strange but I know […]