New Toy – The Diablo

I have recently had the pleasure of buying a new lighting controller. It is the Zero 88 Diablo, a very powerful little controller, that can control 18 generic fixtures as well as 18 moving lights. The best thing is the way it works, as it can run 12 chases at the same time…this probably wont mean much to most people, but its a great way to control lighting when you want to be creative.

I am now going to be selling my Elektralite CP16/24 DMC Controller. You can see the details here. If anyone is interested, please email me to talk about it.

The purchase of the Diablo comes at a great time, as I am involved with The Glade Festival again this year. Julz (Fushion), DiscoPete and I are doing the lighting on 4 stages: Orgin Outside Stage, Breaksday Tent, Sancho Panza Tent and the Little Big Tent.

The Diablo is going to help me create another fantastic show for Sancho Panza, mixing moving beams with different colours, in a not so in your face kinda way. It makes a change from all the flashy in your face techno lighting that I normally love to do. Last year was really fun in the Sancho Panza Tent, so if your there, come along and say hello.

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