Motor Safari Off Road Adventure

On Sunday I got up very early and travelled with Loo to a pub near a village called Donnington near Newbury. This was an eagerly awaited day, as Loo bought me this Redletter Day gift for my 28th Birthday. The day started with a short briefing detailing the days adventure. […]

Swanies Party

This weekend I ventured out for the first time in ages and spent the evening with some very good friends. It was my mate Bex’s birthday on Saturday, she is a grand young age of 24, bless, so on Friday we (Sy, Sam, Bex, Rachel, + others) went to Swanies […]

Legendary Radio 1 DJ John Peel Dies

BBC NEWS Entertainment TV and Radio Legendary radio DJ John Peel dies Whilst listening to Radio 1 this afternoon I learnt of the death of John Peel. Within minutes I started to get emails and IMs from friends telling me about John Peel. Its so sad when you hear about […]

Emails Are Back To Normal

My email problem has been cleared up now, loads of emails suddenly turned up all at once which was a bit odd, but at least its all working now. I have had no explanation as to what happened, but I think it was a DNS issue. I now want to […]


If you have been emailing me and not getting a response, or have been getting bounced messages I am very very sorry. It seems my host (xCalibre) has been having problems. God knows how many emails I have lost, but I did wonder why its been so quiet for such […]

Komotion Sound System

KSS(Komotion Sound System) have asked me to come and play with my lights at a party in a pub in London on the 29th October. The pub has a club on the side, a bit like the Boxing Club in size. I will be using some of my kit and […]