Festival Weather Halloween Party

I have been asked to do the lighting at Plug N Play Studios for an online community called Festival Weather. Here are the details: Halloween Monster Mashup Tickets now on sale: http://www.festivalweather.com/forum/tickets It’s Halloween time again, so come party with us Festival Weather stylee on 31st October. We’ll once again […]

My Kit List Update

Since my original post I have made some additional purchases and also sold some of my old kit. I have recently sold my old Ryger Challenger 250 scans, including the controller and RSP to DMX converter. I was sad to see them go, but they had been in storage for […]

The Awakening

Friday 27th October at Plug N Play in Reading, from 9pm to 6am, lots of live psy-trance and chill-on. Main room will have 4 x Eurolite TS-150’s and 2 x Abstract Galactic Stars. A 1500w strobe should finish it off nicely. Will be using my Diablo desk to control, but […]