The Glade Festival

Well that was fun wasn’t it? I had a fantastic time with Fushion and the crew, and cant wait to do it again. I got home sometime Sunday night, or was that Monday morning? I dunno, I was too tired to care.

The festival was a huge success for me and Fushion, and especially Sancho Panza. These guys seriously know how to party. The tent wasnt the biggest on site, but it really did have the best atmosphere (in my opinion). The sound system provided by Tony Andrews is an experimental sound field. If you ever get a chance stand in the middle and listen to what they can do with the sound. Its a 4 speaker stack system, all with Funkion One speakers (designed by Tony Andrews) and is incredible. Roland did all the projections for Sancho Panza, I lost count of how many slide projectors he used, and the number of slides! My lighting complemented the projection and helped with the atmosphere. By the end of Saturday night the tent was partying very very hard, Jimmy K-Tel played the last set and really blew my mind…outstanding DJ of the very highest quality! They have asked my to provide lighting at some of the smaller Sancho Panza nights, I am over the moon to be asked as they are all seriously sound.

There is lots to talk about, especially DiscoPete and the Breaksday tent, Julz and the Origin Stage, and not forgetting the Littlebig Techno Tent, but I will save that for later. I also took over 300 photos, not all good, but I will sort them all out and post them on the site.

I really cant wait for next year 🙂

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  1. If you want to help out as crew next year I am sure we can sort something out. It really is a fantastic festival, even if your working you have fun.

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