Eurolite TS-150

I have just purchased some new lights. I have 3 of the 4 ordered, the last one is coming from a different company in Germany, but should be here soon.

The Eurolite TS-150 is a DMX Scanner that looks much like the Martin MX-4, but at a fraction of the price. I have never thought about ordering stuff from Germany before, but it certainly makes financial sense 🙂


  • Bright 150 W discharge lamp
  • Colour-wheel with 12 dichroic colour-filtres, 2 bi-colour-filters and white
  • Gobo-wheel with 14 gobos and open
  • Manual focus
  • Strobe-effect with adjustable speed (1-7 flashes/sec.)

The main features that I was after was the discharge lamp (lasts much much longer and is so much whiter) and the shutter wheel. The shutter wheel makes programming a lot easier. Each light also came with a free 5m DMX cable which was nice 🙂

I now plan to do more gigs, as my light show has now improved considerably. All I need to do now is get the rest of the trussing from Komotion and I am done for now.

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  1. Just curious to hear what you think about the TS-150. The one I have just seems to make a hell of a noise due to the ventilations.

    Mind to give a comment on that?


  2. Hi jcc,
    They dont appear to be much louder than other lights that I have used. Since it has 2 fans, I am assuming it needs more cooling. My other lights have 1 fan, so they will be quieter than these, but they dont seem excessive to me.

    Once the music is playing you wont hear them anyway. I have known people to put higher speed fans in Abstract Lights, without the music on they sound like they are going to take off!

    If you can still hear yours over your music, I would maybe get a local DJ shop to have a look, just in case there is something wrong.


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