My Dads Gliding Experience

My Dad turned 60 this year, and me and my brothers decided to chip in and get my dad a Red Letter Day experience. We chose a microlight flight, but due to Red Letter Days going down the pan and then being saved again, not all experiences were honored. Luckily my Dad was able to rearrange his and he chose a glider flight instead.

This all actually happened on Sunday 9th October at Booker Airfield. He was very brave, as these gliders are so small. Luckily he had an instructor with a good sense of humour.

My Mum, brother Dave and his girlfriend Gillian, Loo and I were all there, taking photos and filming the experience. Once he had taken off you couldn’t really see him much, as they went over Marlow and Henley, not Wycombe. He was in the air for about 25 minutes. Normally they only get 15 minutes, but my Dad caught some thermals and had some fun. You can see how happy he is in the second photo when he has landed.
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