Magic at Christmas

You may have heard by now that I am putting on Magic again at the Roundabout on the 21st December, if you hadn’t, you do now. Its really just an excuse to party with some friends with some fine music.

As its the Roundabout Pub on Bridge Street, High Wycombe, its going to be free. Its the home of Magic, its where we started way back on 1999. I will be bringing us bang up to date with some fine tunes from some fine DJs.

To start the evening at 8pm we have Evil Rob playing Breaks. 9pm sees the return of Magic Resident Dark Angel. You should all remember him, as he has played at just about every Magic that there has ever been. He also plays all over the place, The Awakening in Reading is just one of his residencies. He will be playing Psy-Trance until 10.30pm.

From 10.30pm we will have a very special guest from KSS Records. Seb Marx has been playing for KSS for a long time is well known in the London techno scene. His playing a live techno set, which we are really looking forward to.

There will be some Christmas treats through out the evening with some surprises too.

Sound will be provided by Fushion System, and if you weren’t expecting it I will be providing the lights. I am putting a fairly large rig for the room, just to show them what you can do if you really want to.

It will be lovely to see old face and new, make sure you say hello!

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