Stage Lighting

Last year I got myself a new job at AC Lighting. Since I joined I have discovered the variety of stage lighting that is available for delivery from the huge warehouse in High Wycombe and Leeds.

I created the new online shop for AC Lighting that sells over 9,000 items, many of them are in the stage lighting sector, like gobos, filter gels, par cans, and a huge range of lamps. There are also things like colour changers (containing gel strings that go in front of stage lights) and control desks. The new range of Jands Vista lighting controllers are mind blowing, they allow the stage lighting designer to create the look in a visual way, its revolutionary.

Stage lighting isn’t all that AC Lighting sells, there is a large range of architectural lighting, and club lighting. There is a separate division for Audio and Special Projects, so whatever your needs you can count on AC Lighting to provide a solution to fit your bill.

Check out there website for more details:

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