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UPDATE: For all you Google users searching for “Catchup TV” you have come to totally the wrong place. I get daily hits from you lot, and I would love to know what your looking for. Under this post is a comment link, click it and leave me a message, I would love to know what your looking for.

Oops, its been a while, I blame it on Facebook, its slightly addictive! I have found some really good old friends who I neglected to stay in touch with, and am now finding out all about what they have got up to in the last 15 years.

Glade 2007 went well, even with all the rain and mud I had a great time. Sancho Panza was my main tent this year, gave them a great light show alongside Roland who did the projections. It was a very tiring weekend but was well worth it. I hope the land recovers and will be ok for next year.

Not much lined up at the moment, so if you need a light show drop me a line.

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  1. Many months out of date, but I think I can answer your question! TV Catchup was a web-based service in the UK that allowed users to “record” Freeview programmes by choosing from an EPG and then play them back online at a later date. Their website was at, but it has been pulled as of 16th February 2008 at the request of the major UK broadcasters.

    I only saw your website when I googled “tv catchup” to see if I could find out more about when it would return or the legal problems it was facing. So now you know!

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