Magic’s 10th Birthday

1st Magic Flyer

1st Magic Flyer

On the 23rd July 1999 I had a party at the Roundabout Pub, High Wycombe for my 24th Birthday. I was celebrating with a group of friends who are very dear to me. This party turned into many parties, where I met more people and DJs and sound systems, and have partied with them ever since.

This year, on July 24th,  is a chance to celebrate the last 10 years of partying. It is also a chance to celebrate my 34th Birthday, and Loo’s 26th Birthday.

Luckily its not the last Friday of the month, otherwise I would be begging the Tunnel Crew to let me have the pub, as they do the last Friday of the month.

DJs on the night will be Guy Garrett, Dark Angel and JimJam.

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