RIP The Attic/Melt/Unit 3

After several years of being closed, the club I spent a lot of my youth in, is finally being demolished. I have many happy memories of the dark, dingy, poorly run club.

I first attended The Attic when I was  a student at Bucks College, around 1991/1992. It wasn’t my cup of tea then, but when I returned from Uni in Derby I became a regular, spending most Saturday nights there with many of my friends.

I worked in the cloakroom for a while, and in the box office too. I was given my first attempt at putting on a club night there too, Garble, a mixture of indie, metal and hiphop. It only lasted one event before the club closed.

A year or so later it become Melt, complete with a refit of sorts. That lasted a year or 2 before Will turned it in Unit 3. He did a total renevation and made it much less dingy. I helped Will run the lights there for a while, and for a year held Magic there on a monthly basis. We had several after parties there too over the years, which whilst not exactly legal were loads of fun.

Will is getting some photos together from over the years, complete with some taken a few days ago, looking rather messy. Its a sad day, but we all knew it was coming. I will miss the place, even though I haven’t been there in many years.

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