Gigs seem to be like buses for me

You don’t see one for ages, then 2 come along right next to each other! It is always like that for me, its just the way things are. And what’s more funny about this instance is that I was also asked to do lighting for another party and was already booked. I had to go with the one that got to me first.

So, this Saturday is Tranceformation in Glastonbury. Its from 8pm to midnight at the Assembly Rooms, which is just off the High Street. Its some breaks and psy-trance, with my fav DJ Jimjam. Fushion is doing the sound, so I am sharing his van.

The following Saturday is Poly~Sensual at the Lakota in Bristol. Its from 10pm to 6am, and I am helping ITSy BITSy Media. Loads of other sound systems will be there, its a great night.

If any of you are at either gig come and find me, its always nice to catch up with people.

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