Swanies Party

This weekend I ventured out for the first time in ages and spent the evening with some very good friends. It was my mate Bex’s birthday on Saturday, she is a grand young age of 24, bless, so on Friday we (Sy, Sam, Bex, Rachel, + others) went to Swanies in Highbury. He shares a house with his girlfriend and 3 others, or is it 2 others? Cant really remember 🙂

It was one of those house parties where everyone knows each other or has seen each other at parties before. Even tho I hadnt met most of them, it was a great atmosphere for a party, plus there house is perfect for parties…kinda reminds me of the parties me and Sy used to put on at Chapel Lane…great parties!

Whilst we were there we did a huge firework show in the area out front of the house. There were 4 of us lighting the fireworks and running for cover, so it was very loud and very pretty. Someone else also brought along some of the biggest rockets available which we saved for the end, they went off with a huge bang and a big round of applause from the party people.

Later on Sy, Bex and the young lady that lives with Bex…I really cant remember her name…anyway, they all played with fire in the back garden. Sy spins a fire stick whilst Bex and the young lady spun poi fire. Even Sam gave it a go and did really well.

By 8am Saturday morning I was ready to pass out, but the music was still going and people were still partying, so I just relaxed until Sy needed to drive home.

All in all a great party, it was really good to get out and out of it again. It makes me want to put on another Magic, so its time to get thinking about venues again.

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  1. this is all a bit complicated steve.
    i was there!
    the fireworks were nice
    i had a sausage sandwich in the morning…
    could have had more techo tho

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