Motor Safari Off Road Adventure

On Sunday I got up very early and travelled with Loo to a pub near a village called Donnington near Newbury. This was an eagerly awaited day, as Loo bought me this Redletter Day gift for my 28th Birthday.

The day started with a short briefing detailing the days adventure. We were driven up to the site in a Toyota Landcruiser. Surprisingly we managed to fit the instructor, 4 wannabe drivers and 3 spectators. He drove around the first part of the course and showed us how it was done. We then took it in turn to drive up a muddy hill in second and then down a steepish hill in first. That was cool, as you have to take your feet away from the pedals and let the 4×4 drive you down the hill. We also did what was called the recovery, this is when you drive up a steep hill and stop at the top. You then put it in reverse and let the 4×4 drive you back down, again not touching the pedals.

Next up was the quad bikes, these were cool too, we learnt how to drive them around a figure of eight course. It was hard to begin with but once I got the gears it was cool.

What we did next was odd, very odd. We had to drive a Vitara blindfolded around a figure of eight course being guided by one of the other drivers. Once we did that, we had to do it in reverse! I drove really well blindfolded but sucked when it came to trying to guide someone around the course.

Lunch! Roast beef at the pub, just what you need when its cold and foggy outside….there was a nice big roaring fire to warm Loo up.

Back up on the course we were now going to drive the Vitara around the course going up steep banks, tilting the 4×4 at a silly angle, you think its going to topple over but if you keep the wheels straight and get in the ruts you get thru nicely. There was a small one to begin with, and then a larger one.

Onto the Landrover Defender, your bog standard Landrover really. We took this up around the course and then up and over a sumit. You have to put it in first and just let it drive over the top and down this really steep hill. Its scary in the back when others do it as its not very comfy and theres not much to hold on to.

We went back on the quads and were timed going around the course….but there was a twist, we had to stop half way around and reverse it around some cones, this proved hard at first, but once you realised where you had to stop to get the maximum curve it was easy.

That was my day, it was excellent! I will be posting some photos that Loo took soon.

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