Tony opens new Kirituhi Tattoo Studio

Tony, from Kirituhi Tattoo, has opened a new studio in Ilkeston. This studio is now open to the public, and is the UK’s only dedicated maori, polynesian, samoan and hawaiian tatau. You will find the studio at 375 Nottingham Rd, Ilkeston, DE7 5BB.

Kneill Brown moves to Woody’s Tattoo Studio

Kneill Brown, formerly of Paradise Tattoo, is now working from Woody’s Tattoo Studio in High Wycombe. Kneill has been my favourite tattoo artist for over 10 years, and is responsible for many of mine. I am unsure of the reasons behind the move, but I wish him the best of […]

Before and After Touchup

These are the before and after shots of my Kirituhi tattoo on my forearm. Kneill from Paradise Tattoo did a fantastic job of sorting it out for me. I needed the touchup due to a couple of reasons. Firstly there was a problem during the inking, I don’t think the […]

more maori inspired tattoo designs

More Kirituhi Tattoo Design Ideas

Its been a year since I first posted about searching for Kirituhi (Maori inspired skin art) Tattoo designs, since then I have had my lower left arm sleeve tattoo’d and more recently touched up to correct a few problems. My blog has received so many new visitors, mainly people looking […]

Wycombe INK Opens in High Wycombe

An off shoot of Paradise Tattoo has opened its doors in High Wycombe, its called Wycombe INK. The shop is next door to Paradise Tattoo on Castle Street, and has been furnished really nicely. Si Smith from Paradise Tattoo has new tattooists Joe Worrall and Casi Williams working in the […]

Loo’s New Tattoo

This is my wife Loo’s new tattoo, its her fourth, and is really cute. Its on her right arm, where its really sensitive. She got it done at Paradise Tattoo on Castle Street, High Wycombe. Sy did the work for her this afternoon. I also have an ohm on my […]

My Kirituhi Tattoo

On Saturday 1st August, for my birthday, I went to see Tony from Kirituhi Tattoo based in Ilkeston, near Nottingham. I had the appointment booked for about 3 months, and was very excited about. Loo and I left Wycombe at 8am to get there for a 10am. I was booked […]

Maori and Tribal Tattoo Designer

I just checked out Mark Storm’s website, he recently posted a comment on my blog in reply to my quest for a Kirituhi design. I thought I would post a link to his site as I think he is very talented. His site is here:¬†check it out if you […]

Kirituhi Tattoo

I have been looking for inspiration for a new tattoo, and after deciding where I wanted it, I took to the internet looking for some ideas. In my search I found some interesting thoughts about Maori designs, and learnt that to avoid offending the Maori people, having tattoo’s that do […]

My Tattoos

These are all my tattoos that I have had done over the last 12 years.

My New Tattoo

For my 30th birthday this my good friends Sy, Alan, Chris and Bex got me a ¬£100 voucher for use at Paradise Tattoos in High Wycombe. What they didnt realise was the strange story that they have just completed. My first tattoo was done in the same tattoo shop when […]