Loo’s New Tattoo

This is my wife Loo’s new tattoo, its her fourth, and is really cute. Its on her right arm, where its really sensitive. She got it done at Paradise Tattoo on Castle Street, High Wycombe. Sy did the work for her this afternoon.

I also have an ohm on my my chest, it was the first one I had done many years ago. Mine was done by Woody when he was first starting out and was operating in the same shop that Paradise Tattoo now uses.

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  1. Yep, my 4th tattoo. This one hurt quite a bit as the skin is so sensitive but at least it only took 10 minutes unlike Steve’s 6 hour tattoo!
    One more planned for the base of my back but need to get my courage up (and savings!) before i do it as is quite large.

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