More Kirituhi Tattoo Design Ideas

Its been a year since I first posted about searching for Kirituhi (Maori inspired skin art) Tattoo designs, since then I have had my lower left arm sleeve tattoo’d and more recently touched up to correct a few problems. My blog has received so many new visitors, mainly people looking for Kirituhi tattoo designs on Google. It seems it is a very popular style of tattoo, and for some reason my site, or mainly my first post, rates well in Google and other image search engines.

more maori inspired tattoo designsI always keep my eyes open for designs that inspire me, as I want to continue my Kirituhi design up my arm and onto my shoulder and chest. In my search I found a blog with the image to the left:

What I really like about it is the way it spirals up into the shoulder, this is what I would like with mine. My only problem is that I currently have an Ohm tattoo on my chest, and a tribal tattoo on my shoulder that I really like. I am going to have a chat with Tony Unwin, the tattooist who did my Kirituhi sleeve, and see if he can come up with a design for me.

In the mean time I will keep looking, and keep getting inspired. If anyone fancies leaving links to other sites that feature some great inspiring Kirituhi tattoo designs, please do!

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