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I have been looking for inspiration for a new tattoo, and after deciding where I wanted it, I took to the internet looking for some ideas.

In my search I found some interesting thoughts about Maori designs, and learnt that to avoid offending the Maori people, having tattoo’s that do not use traditional symbols is the way forward. The Maori people have a style of tattoo called Kirituhi, which basically means Skin Art. Its a style that is commonly accepted for non Maori people to have without causing offence.

There are still some people on the internet that believe only the Maori can adorn their body with Kirituhi designs, but there are many more that believe its ok in todays world.

Kirituhi DesignI found this site to have some amazing designs. To the left is an example from the site that I like. Its the little curves at the end that I like, as I haven’t seen anything like it before.

So now that I have found the style I need to find someone who can design the tattoo for me. So after some more searching I found a chap in the UK called Tony who does designs for people over the internet. You can also get him to do the tattoo. He seems very capable, and has a website showing off his work:

I am going to have a chat with Tony and see what he can do for me. I would love to meet up with him so that he can get to know me and design something very personal.

I am still open to other designs, and will also be speaking with Kneill and Si, my usual tattoo artists.

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  1. Hey dude it was a great read I was thinking i could put you onto the best source in the world to get an authentic Maori design by a real Maori artist who lives in New Zealand and is an expert who creates kirituhu for people like us.

    Your problem is most non Maori tattoo artist do not know the real meanings about Maori tattoo and art I beleave this is what offends Maori because they beleave this kind of artwork has no soul.

    Therefore, check him out i forgot his website but his name is tiki obrien you can google his name he is all ready well known around the world for his work. My suggestion is to get the real thing. Tiki would be the best in regard to kirituhi.

  2. As a graphic artist i combine different tribal styles like the Kirituhi and Polynesian designs. My designs have no specific meanings or symbols.

    Regards, Mark Storm

    • Hi Mark, you have done some really great designs. Its good that you understand what symbols you can’t use. One day I plan to visit New Zealand and I would hate to offend anyone by having a design that means something completely different to a local.

      I am getting mine done by Tony, he is currently working on a draft, and I am booked into his studio on the 1st August, where we spend 6 hours refining the design and putting ink to skin. I am really hyped about it, 1st August can’t come soon enough!


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