Till The Cows Come Home was excellent, a really good time was had by all. DiscoPete and I arrived at about 10.30pm on Friday, and continued to setup until about 3am. It was a slow setup, but we got there in the end. We had a few final bits to do before the bands started. They were late starting anyway, but the bands were really good.

The football was shown on a projector, but due to the extreme heat the projector over heated every 10 minutes. It took a few minutes to reboot, and showed a 15 second count down before finally putting the video back on. Luckily the audio was still working on the brand new 10k Peavy rig. Shame about the result, they did there best.

The evening flew by and we put on a great show. DiscoPete did all of the programming, he did a great job and we have been invited back next year.

There were about 400 people I think, it was a decent crowd, really up for it and really nice people.

It was a very tiring weekend, but well worth it. Make sure you come along next year, the bands are great, and so are the DJs, the location is amazing, and so are the people…need I say more?

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