What happened?

First Till The Cows Come Home 2008 got postponed at the last minute due to the council thinking there were going to be too many punters, who would have thought that they believed what Facebook showed??? Madness! It was a blessing in disguise, well kinda, the weather was rubbish anyway, so its now on the 15th and 16th August. I am having to organise other people to do it, as I am on holiday till the 16th, so that will be fun.

The Glade was excellent as always, but this time no rain, and no intense heat. Yes it was hard work, but we pulled it off and had a lot of fun.

Loo and I went to Cotswold Wildlife Park for her birthday, well, the day after her birthday, as I didn’t get back from the Glade till middle of the afternoon on her birthday. We saw loads of animals and had a lovely day.

I had 3 days back at work, it was very odd, and I was very tired, but my birthday arrived on Friday and I treated people to Krispy Kreme donuts. If your gonna have donuts its got to be good ones, no point having rubbish.

I was then treated to a surprise meal at the Sausage Tree. I really didn’t know Loo was planning a surprise meal, it was lovely catching up with friends again. I had wild venison sausages, which were lovely. Next time I really will try kangaroo!

Photos from the Glade coming very soon.

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