Long weekend, but a good weekend

Its been a while (again) but I have a good reason…Till The Cows Come Home 2007 … it took place this weekend gone, and was pretty special (again). DiscoPete and myself was asked By Ben, Gandy and D-Arcy to provide a full lightshow for this 2 day festival.

Its special for a number of reasons, promotion is word of mouth and Myspace, everyone who goes knows someone else and they know someone else, so its got a great atmosphere. The people behind the festival are doing it for the right reasons, and it takes them a lot of effort to make it all happen, but they do it so well, and if you guys are reading, please keep doing it! Another reason is the music, the main stage is for the bands, with DJs filling in between. There were some really great bands, actually they were all really good. A few names I remember were P-Hex, Innercity Pirates, The Shadow Project (I liked these so much I bought a CD), Emit (minus cow suits, boo!), Whisky Cats, and many more that I can’t put my finger on.

I will post some photos once I get them off my camera. Its back to work tomorrow, not too bad, got plenty of sleep last night and today.

For the geeky one out there, I will post technical info about the show we did on my Dooza Lighting Blog. (Now updated with the info)

Next up is the Glade Festival. Weekend after next, so need to get lots sorted. Its going to be another amazing weekend, loads of hard work, and Loo’s Birthday on the Saturday, so will be really cool. If your there come and find me in the evenings working the lights in the Sancho Panza house tent.

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