The Glade Festival 2007

Its almost upon us again, less than a week away. Everything is sorted, just lots of cables to be made up and a couple of lights to be repaired. The weather reports are not too favourable, but we will cope. As a recap we are doing the lights on: The […]

The Glade Festival 2006

Sorry for the late posting about this one, I have had a nasty cold since I got back, I reckon due to the amount of dust that was flying about, the heat, and how much hard work I did. I am sure the lack of a square meal didnt help […]

The Glade Festival

How could I forget this one? Well its our biggest one of the year, and I always look forward to it. Its deep in the country somewhere, the location is still to be revealed but will be gorgeous I am sure. Fushion will be doing the sound in the Rabbit […]

Glade Photos

I have a temporary home for my Glade Festival photos. They are here:

The Dusty Diablo

This is my Zero88 Diablo on Saturday night at The Glade Festival in the Sancho Panza stage. It was dusted down several times during the weekend, but always got covered again within no time. I really like this desk, its compact and powerful and has some excellent features. I had […]

The Glade Festival

Well that was fun wasn’t it? I had a fantastic time with Fushion and the crew, and cant wait to do it again. I got home sometime Sunday night, or was that Monday morning? I dunno, I was too tired to care. The festival was a huge success for me […]

The Glade Is Nearly Upon Us

Its getting closer and closer until the Glade Festival starts. We had our final production meeting last night, and its looking like its going to be fantastic! I am doing the Sancho Panza tent again this year, so if you fancy some groovy house music come and check it out […]