The Glade Festival 2006

Sorry for the late posting about this one, I have had a nasty cold since I got back, I reckon due to the amount of dust that was flying about, the heat, and how much hard work I did. I am sure the lack of a square meal didnt help either… Loo has my cold, sorry baby!

The Glade was much better than last year, there were many more people, and the Sancho Panza tent was twice as big as last year. This meant loads more people could fit in and have a boogie…it made it even better by having a bar in the second half of the tent. The tent was actually 2 tents joined in the middle, complete with a wooden floor to help reduce dust. It did help reduce the dust, much better than last year, but my lungs are still suffering, but at least my kit isnt covered in the stuff.

I have uploaded some photos that I took, they are mainly from the lighting tower in the Sancho Panza tent, but there are a few others from around the site.

Next year will be even better, I cant wait!

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