Dooza Lighting is available to provide a complete lighting experience for your club night or party. I provide a completely unique look that is tailored to suit your needs. I work closely with the organisers to make sure the lighting is within budget and fits the required atmosphere.

Equipment is available for hire at very competitive rates, so if you need a small automated disco rig for a wedding I can help. If a large number of fixtures are required then I have the contacts to help with provide them.

Dooza Lighting can also work as a consultant, providing expert knowledge gained from over 10 years experience working in clubs. Having previoulsy been a keen clubber I know what does and doesn't work in a club.


It is my hobby, it started many years ago when I was first putting on the Magic parties at the Roundabout Pub in High Wycombe. I needed lighting so bought a few basic fixtures, since then I haven't looked back.

I have worked in clubs all over London and the home counties, from small private parties to huge multi room events. I have also worked at several festivals (Glade and Waveform) to provide rigs for more than one stage at a time. For this I worked with select colleagues who I trust to work to the same standard that I do, always providing a great experience, being professional and having fun.

Lighting Blog

Gigs seem to be like buses for me

You don’t see one for ages, then 2 come along right next to each other! It is always like that for me, its just the way things are. And what’s more funny about this instance is that I was also asked to do lighting for another party and was already […]

Magic’s 10th Birthday

On the 23rd July 1999 I had a party at the Roundabout Pub, High Wycombe for my 24th Birthday. I was celebrating with a group of friends who are very dear to me. This party turned into many parties, where I met more people and DJs and sound systems, and […]

Finally Uploaded Glade Festival Photos

I have had photos from that I took at the festival in various different places online, but never in the same place, so I decided to sort them out, and give them a home. I have used Google’s Picasa to host them, its integrated into my photo section:

Glowball XI

GLOWBALL XI Friday 8th May 2009 WE ARE BACK, COME PLAY! We have very special guests, FAR TOO LOUD headlining!! As well as: Jaxx FritzFactor SoLow Lee Jones (Country Gents) Timmy Boomkat Miss Lizzy Honest Jon Syrah Ronnie 3 Rooms of Underground Filth Sound provided by Fushion Sound System […]

Glade Festival 2009 – Venue Announcement

Finally the organisers of the Glade Festival have announced the location of this years festival. You can see the official announcement at their website, where it says its near Winchester… its actually at the Winchester Bowl, a very special venue used by other festivals like Homelands… this was announced at […]

Waveform presents Tranceformation

Title: Waveform presents Tranceformation Location: Assembly Rooms, Glastonbury Description: Another evening of psy-trance Start Time: 20:00 Date: 2009-03-14 DJs: Galactic Wind, JimJam and Red Earth