Dooza Lighting is available to provide a complete lighting experience for your club night or party. I provide a completely unique look that is tailored to suit your needs. I work closely with the organisers to make sure the lighting is within budget and fits the required atmosphere.

Equipment is available for hire at very competitive rates, so if you need a small automated disco rig for a wedding I can help. If a large number of fixtures are required then I have the contacts to help with provide them.

Dooza Lighting can also work as a consultant, providing expert knowledge gained from over 10 years experience working in clubs. Having previoulsy been a keen clubber I know what does and doesn't work in a club.


It is my hobby, it started many years ago when I was first putting on the Magic parties at the Roundabout Pub in High Wycombe. I needed lighting so bought a few basic fixtures, since then I haven't looked back.

I have worked in clubs all over London and the home counties, from small private parties to huge multi room events. I have also worked at several festivals (Glade and Waveform) to provide rigs for more than one stage at a time. For this I worked with select colleagues who I trust to work to the same standard that I do, always providing a great experience, being professional and having fun.

Lighting Blog

Till The Cows Come Home 2007 Kit List

Right then! Sorry for the delay, its been busy around here! 4 x Martin Robocolour Pro 218 Scans 6 x Martin Punisher X250 8 x 500w Par Cans 1 x Martin Robocolour (cant remember the number) used as a spot light 2 x LED Par 56 1 x Antari X510 […]

The Shadow Project

Saturday afternoon at Till The Cows Come Home festival, I was sat at the back of the tent, waiting to see what the bands had to offer, when I start hearing this sound that reminded me of James (My ultimate fav band ever). The guitar was slowly taking over my […]

Long weekend, but a good weekend

Its been a while (again) but I have a good reason…Till The Cows Come Home 2007 … it took place this weekend gone, and was pretty special (again). DiscoPete and myself was asked By Ben, Gandy and D-Arcy to provide a full lightshow for this 2 day festival. Its special […]


Coming up this year: 28th April – Hadra @ Jacks, London. Full on Psy-Trance with the guys from France! 6th/7th July – Till The Cows Come Home @ A Farm near Bedford. Loads of cool bands and DJs for 2 days in the Sun 19/20/21st July – The Glade Festival. […]