Dooza Lighting is available to provide a complete lighting experience for your club night or party. I provide a completely unique look that is tailored to suit your needs. I work closely with the organisers to make sure the lighting is within budget and fits the required atmosphere.

Equipment is available for hire at very competitive rates, so if you need a small automated disco rig for a wedding I can help. If a large number of fixtures are required then I have the contacts to help with provide them.

Dooza Lighting can also work as a consultant, providing expert knowledge gained from over 10 years experience working in clubs. Having previoulsy been a keen clubber I know what does and doesn't work in a club.


It is my hobby, it started many years ago when I was first putting on the Magic parties at the Roundabout Pub in High Wycombe. I needed lighting so bought a few basic fixtures, since then I haven't looked back.

I have worked in clubs all over London and the home counties, from small private parties to huge multi room events. I have also worked at several festivals (Glade and Waveform) to provide rigs for more than one stage at a time. For this I worked with select colleagues who I trust to work to the same standard that I do, always providing a great experience, being professional and having fun.

Lighting Blog


Till The Cows Come Home was excellent, a really good time was had by all. DiscoPete and I arrived at about 10.30pm on Friday, and continued to setup until about 3am. It was a slow setup, but we got there in the end. We had a few final bits to […]

Till The Cows Come Home

I am just about ready for this small festival, just need to load the car in the morning and go to work. After work the fun begins. It should be a lovely weekend, if your there come and say hello.

Kit List

My collection of lights is fairly large, I just wish I had time to make more of them work 😉 My main light show now consists of: 4 x Eurolite TS-150 Scans 2 x Abstract Galactic Moons (with 2 more being restored) 2 x Abstract Galactic Stars 2 x Abstract […]

A Step In The Right Direction

This should bring my lighting site back to life, its very own blog. It worked on my main site, so it should work here too.

Till The Cows Come Home

I have been asked to do the lighting for a small festy called “Till The Cows Come Home”. Its an event where bands are playing throughout the day and DJs play in the evening. There will be a small rig outside the main arena which will go on till the […]

Magic Photos

It was a fantastic night at the Hogs Head, we all had a great laugh, and here are the photos.