Kit List

My collection of lights is fairly large, I just wish I had time to make more of them work 😉

My main light show now consists of:

4 x Eurolite TS-150 Scans
2 x Abstract Galactic Moons (with 2 more being restored)
2 x Abstract Galactic Stars
2 x Abstract Gladiators
4 x Geni Strobes
1 x Zero 88 Diablo Lighting Desk

I have 2 x Powerdrive Easy Hoist Stands, each can lift 60Kg up to 3.3m. I also have 2 x 2m Trussing. I want to get some more but dont have much space at the moment, so borrow other peoples.

In storage I also have 4 x Ryger Challenger 250 scans, all flightcased, complete with controller, DMX converter, manuals and spare parts. These are old, and need some attention, as they are well used. These are for sale if anyone fancies a small project.

Email me dooza dooza at gmail dot com or leave a comment.

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