RIP Evie Hoare

On Tuesday 23rd November I came home to find Evie dead on the sofa. She was stretched out like she was having a lovely sleep. When she didn’t respond to my greeting my heart broke and panic set in. She was perfectly fine when we left her in the morning, and to be honest, we don’t know what happened.

Thankfully my parents were calm and helped by taking her away and burying her in there garden. My parents have done this several times with their own cats, and know how it feels to lose a pet. It was especially hard for Loo and me due to Evie being our first cat. We will never forget her, she was our princess.

Just after Christmas we decided it was time to move on and find another cat who needed our love. After a quick look online we found a male cat called Joey who was with the RSPCA. His owners got divorced and neither side wanted him. We found this hard to believe as he was so pretty. He is an 8 year old Russian Blue, well, mostly, I am pretty sure he isn’t 100%, but looks and behaves just like one.

Joey settled in such a short time, and is loving our flat. He has so much love to give, and loads of energy. He is a totally different cat to Evie, so will never be a replacement (no cat could ever be).

There will be loads of photos appearing soon 🙂

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