Glade Festival 2009 Review and Photos

Glade has found a great new home at Matterly Bowl, Winchester. Whilst it felt smaller, it worked really well. You could probably fit another 2 or 3 thousand people in comfortably.

We have a very smooth setup, and apart from a few technical glitches during live acts, everything went smoothly, and everyone had a great time.

I ran out of memory in my camera, and couldn’t be bothered to delete photos, so didn’t take anywhere near as many photos as I have done in the past. Here is a gallery page

The 2 hours of caberet in the Interstalla Circus Tent was simply amazing. Its amazing what people can do with practice. The aerial stuff was breathtaking, I have never been so close to this before.

My highlight was The Correspondents, a combination of MC and DJ, playing a fusion of 30’s swing and 00’s big beat and drum and bass. I first saw them at the Till The Cows Come Home 2008, and as soon as I got home I downloaded the EP. Check out there MySpace page, it has clips, you really need to, its like nothing you have heard or seen before.

Mr Bruce, the MC in the Correspondents, was really professional, and really nice. He came to me early on in the night to give me his radio mic receiver. Just before he was due on we did a sound check and then he got on and did his stuff. Top marks and massive respect to him and Mr Chuckles the DJ.

Another favourite act of mine was the Pantaloonies. A duo hula hoop act which was really amusing as well as technically brilliant. Check out there website for more info:

So all in all another brilliant festival, packed full of happy festival people all having a good time. I honestly can’t wait for next year to arrive!

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