Glade 2009 is nearly upon us

With less than a week away until Glade 2009, I am busy getting everything in order. We have a plan, no doubt the plan will change when we get onsite, but thats how these things go.

This year we (Fushion Sound System + Dooza Lighting + Subsonic + IADWM) will be jointly doing the lighting on the Origin Stage, and the sound and light in the Interstella Circus tent.

I will be working with Adam from Subsonic on the lighting in the circus tent. Its going to be a traditional stage show, rather than a full on rave show. This will make a nice change, but I will still miss Sancho Panza (who will be DJing in the crew bar at some point over the weekend). There will be bands playing in there as well as the world tallest DJ. There will be caberet and all sorts of other stuff going on, so if you fancy something slightly different whilst at he festival pop along, grab a beer from the bar (which is also in the circus tent) and relax, its sure to be a good show.

The circus tent runs from approx. midday till 5am Friday and Saturday, and finishes at midnight on Sunday with the rest of the festival.

Andy from IADWM will be in charge of the Origin Stage, providing a full on lightshow that will knock your socks off. I have seen his programming of the strobes, its gonna be awesome!

Its going to be hard work, but lots of fun. I will upload some photos when I get back.

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