My Kit List Update

Since my original post I have made some additional purchases and also sold some of my old kit.

I have recently sold my old Ryger Challenger 250 scans, including the controller and RSP to DMX converter. I was sad to see them go, but they had been in storage for too many years, so had to go really, as I was never going to make use of them.

I have just purchased 2 more Eurolite TS-150 scans, which brings my total to 6. The original 4 are in a flight case, so I now need a new one for these 2, for now they will live in bubble wrap and a cardboard box.

Another recent purchase was a 400w UV cannon. It is made by Spotlight in Italy, I managed to get it second hand for a very good price from the AC Lighting Bargain List. You can get all sorts of bargains, its where I got my Zero 88 Diablo DMX desk from several years ago.

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