Busy Weekend

Its been a while since I posted, but its been busy for a while in the Hoare world. This weekend for example was Chrysalid, a fantastic Psy-Trance party held at Jacks Nighclub in London. Before I left for the party, me and Loo went to town just to look at new phones, and ended up with PDA type mobiles complete with Sat Nav, and it didn’t cost us a bean! I left for the party at 2pm and didn’t return until 3pm Sunday….it finished at 11.30! Thats over 13 hours of partying, plus the setup and pack down. I did manage a couple of hour kip whilst wearing ear plugs at the back of the stage, this was good as it meant getting home wasn’t an issue and I could stay awake for the rest of the day. We had a lovely Sunday Roast and watched Snatch on DVD, a great film for a lazy Sunday evening!

Over the last month or so we have been doing up our bathroom. This has involved tripes to Ikea to buy the new sink and units, and many trips by my Dad to install the towel radiator and fit the sink. The sink leaks, but he is going to fix it today. All the work is almost done now, just need to paint the ceiling and to tidy up a few bits and bobs. For our first bit of DIY we are very impressed with the results. Once its all done we will take a break from DIY, but we start planning the bedroom in the New Year.

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