Movember 2011 – The Preperation

It’s that time again when men all over the country decide to grow a tasty mo for charity.

Movember helps raise money for prostate and testicular cancer research. During the month of Movember we grow a moustache and have some fun raising money.

I did this 2 years ago and raised £205. My attempt was good, but my mo was not very impressive due mainly to me being ginger and having fair hair, so it wasn’t very noticable to begin. To this end I decided to grow a beard for a month before Movember to give myself a fighting chance of having  decent mo.

Tomorrow morning I will have a long over due shave. Its not been very nice, its itchy and messy and my wife hates it. I might even get a barber to give my mo some love.

If you want to donate please visit my Mo Bro page: I am part of a team with friends from work, so far we have raised £138, I am sure we can raise a lot more!

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