Wanted: 1 x Genexxa GX-400 Speaker

Many years ago I worked for Tandy in High Wycombe. Somehow I ended up buying a speaker that didn’t have a partner. Its been in my possession ever since. Its a great sounding speaker, and I have always wanted to find its partner, another GX-400.

I always hoped that one day the internet would provide me with one, but sadly after all these years I can’t find one, not even a photo of one, hence why I have decided to post a photo of mine.

The speaker isn’t big, its a mere 40w at  6 ohms, but its a great speaker for the living room.

Most of its life has been spent as a centre speaker in a surround sound system, but since the amp died its been sat gathering dust in the corner. If you have one, or more likely 2, and no longer want them, please get in touch and lets talk.

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