DMX Address Calculator/Dipswitch Tool

Several years ago DiscoPete created an app for my first Windows Mobile phone that helped me set the DMX address on my lights. He always found it funny how I got it wrong all the time when trying to do it manually.

Since then I have changed phones several times and no longer have the handy app. I have been resorting to using the calculator instead, which isn’t always the speedy way to get the job done. I have wanted an app for my Nokia 5800 for sometime, and decided it was time I sorted it out.

I came across this during my research: and have based much of the code for mine on it. The main problem with the above is that its not very mobile friendly, entering the number take a while as you need to go into the keyboard, I needed a touch screen friendly input. My solution was to have arrows above and below each digit which increases or decreases its value.

This is my solution:, and still has more work to be done, but for version 0.1 I am happy with the way it works.

Future versions will have the dip switches toggle, allowing you to work out the address of a light. I will also make the dip switch reversible, as many lights are the other way around.

One really handy feature of DiscoPete’s app was that it turned on the LED flash light of the camera. This helped you see the dip switch when up a ladder in a dark club. I know I can do this with my Nokia 5800, as I already have an app that does this, I just need to work it out.

Download it for your Nokia Symbian S60 based phone. I would love to hear what you think, please post a comment below.

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