The end of Unit 3/Melt/The Attic/Club X

These photos were taken in the summer of 2009 before the main part of J. Needhams complex was pulled down. The snooker hall and bingo hall were attached to the rear of the club. You can still see the rear of the club from the main road.

I spent many years as a punter and working in this famous club. My first experience of it was when I was at Bucks Uni in 91/93. It was called The Attic then, and was very strange.

When I returned from Derby Uni in 95 it became my usual weekend haunt. At some point I got a job in the cloakroom, and then on the door, not as security, just taking the door tax. I had many great nights in there, and put on my first party there. An eclectic night called Garble.

The Attic closed down late in the 90’s but was soon reopened as Melt. It had a refit and was popular once again. This lasted a year or two before it closed. I am not sure why it closed, but when it reopened at Unit 3 it received a major refit.

I was asked to bring Magic in as one of the main nights. We had reasonable success, but it was never a major crowd puller. Eventually after a year or two the club closed due to not being able to get insurance. It was sad to see it close, and hoped it would eventually come back. This was not to happen, and we now know its going to be pulled down.

I have many good memories from this club, its where I met my wife, and made some great friends. If you too have some special memories, please post them below as a comment.

If you also have some photos that you would like to share, get in contact with me and I will post them.

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