Introducing the IEC-Lock

The IEC-LockThis is a bit of an odd post, but sometimes you find something and just have to share it.

Most techies involved in lighting or computing are aware of the standard IEC power cable. Its a bit like what you have in kettles, but lower power, and is found everywhere. Your computer will have one, all my lights have one, my lighting desk has one. I have loads and loads of these IEC cables, you can never have enough, and most of the time they do the job perfectly, but sometimes you need one that is a little bit more secure.

The standard IEC power cable can be knocked out of its socket, or might just be a little loose. When this happens you might lose control over your lights, your computer might turn off and you lose what you were working on. Its these times that the IEC-Lock is worth having.

It is simple to use, as its just the same as a normal IEC power cable, but with one slight difference. It has a gripping mechanism on the earth pin. So when you plug it in, it holds on tight and won’t let go until you press the little red button on the plug. It is such a great idea, you can see the manufacturer’s website for more information on how it works and the patens.

If your intersted in buying less than 100 (thats what the manufacturer sells) then you might want to check out AC Entertainment Technologies (yeah I know, I work for them, so its a blatant plug) , they come in three versions: IEC-Lock to 13Amp, IEC-Lock to Schuko, and IEC-Lock to bare ends. The last one is good as you can fit to any plug you like, like a 16Amp CEE Form. I am surprised this one isn’t in the range already!

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