Waveform 2009 Review and Photos

A little late on publishing this, I was very tired after such a great festival.

First up is the photos, which as usual only focus on the tent that I was working in. I like trying to get nice shots of the lighting, I am still learning digital photography and haven’t got it quite right yet, but I am trying 🙂

Waveform 2009 went very well. The police wanting stupid money for the full event, but the organisers managed to get a temporary events licence instead which led to very strict capacity. This didn’t put a damper on the event, it just made is smaller and brought everyone together.

Julz and I were asked to do the sound and light for a 24 hour tent run by Earthheart Productions. Due to the capacity limits several stages had to combine, this included Gaia Chill, Alpha Omega and Arcangel Breaks. Even though it was a 24 hour tent, the music was chilled after 3, and picked up around lunch time, so I had time to sleep and get ready for the next session of playing with lights.

The weather held out for us, we couldn’t have asked for better to be honest. The Sunday was overcast, but this was nice due to the heat on Saturday.

Sadly due to the duff information when laying out the site, all the speakers were pointing towards the local village, so noise complaints had to be dealt with by turning it down. Come Sunday night when Far Too Loud were supposed to play, the volume was far too quiet, but after a while of the lower volume its still loud enough, and everyone partied away till 8am Monday morning.

Next year promises to be much bigger and better. Keep on eye on the Waveform Festival website for more information. Julz (Fushion Sound System) and I will be there, we hope to see you too.

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