New Kit – 2 x Abstract Galactic Stars

Last month I was contacted from a reader of the Blue-Room forums, they had a read a post of mine in the wanted section. Over a year ago I asked if anyone had any spare Galactic Stars then please contact me. Well this kidn soul did, and I now have another cracking pair of these lights. They are slightly newer than mine, they have the high/low switch for the lamp, and are in excellent condition, they actually put mine to shame, so its time I did mine up and made them presentable again.

I now have 4 Galactic Stars, along with 4 semi-working Galactic Moons, which I will now sell on eBay. 2 work fine, one doesn’t work on DMX, and the other has been used for spares. If anyone is interested let me know, I don’t want mega bucks for them as they are old and tatty but do work.

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