Happy New Year!

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year, I hope your year is as great as mine is going to be. This year I plan to sort my finances out, and do some more parties.

This year should also pin down when me and Louise get married. We are going to be looking at venues for the civel ceremony and reception. Once we know which venue we want we should know when we can have it, apparently some places are booked up over a year in advance! We think Autumn 2006 should be ok, fingers crossed!

Since I have free gym membership at Wycombe Sports Centre I am going to make use of it and get healthy. I am fed up with getting colds all the time, so along with some healthy eating I should be fine next year.

Thats about it for now, I hope to be blogging some more this year!

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  1. Hi Dan,
    Yeah I know, I have been very slack this year, but I have been really busy at work…you know what its like 🙂 I promise a new post by the end of the day.

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