WordPress powers over 25% of the sites on the internet, allowing speedy setups and ease of use. I can can help setup, run or administer a WordPress site.

Responsive Design

With almost 20 years experience I can build you a modern website that will work on all devices

Classic ASP

An old technology that is still being used on hundreds of sites around the world. With almost 10 years experience I can help with any issues that you have with Classic ASP.

Static Web Sites

Don't want something fancy? That's not a problem, I love building lean HTML sites from scratch.

I have been a web developer since 1997, and over the years have worked at several companies looking after various types of websites. During this time I have been available as a freelance web designer creating sites for different types of clients.

I can offer basic websites that mimic your existing brand styling, or create a brand new style for you based on your needs. I can also offer WordPress websites where you have much more control over the content.

I am also a Classic ASP developer. Even though this technology is old it is still pretty powerful, I use it in my day job all the time. If you need help with an old site that still uses Classic ASP I may be able to help.

If you are interested in using my services please use this form: